• The Selfish Giant

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    Grinter the giant lives alone in her huge cold house, surrounded by her huge snowy gardens, enclosed by her high, frost-covered walls. She shuts out the world, because long ago, the world shut her out, and so she hides, in her peaceful, icy home. Outside, the world has changed and there is very l...

  • Plé
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    1 video  |   Rent $10.99

    A trilingual play/Une pièce trilingue : Proving that a little curiosity can lead to a whole new world of understanding.

  • Play-Along Plink and Boo

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    Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Play-Along Plink and Boo, a unique, interactive circus theatre performance made for camera. Join us from the comfort of your own home as we explore what happens when people don’t fit into boxes (even if it is the neatest place to put them).

    Before you watch P...

  • Swish Online

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    Welcome to the Ocean! Come and join the fun with Dotty, Blue and Olive on the reef!